Bear Valley Kids Camp 2015

The fingerprints of God are laced in every facet of Bear Valley Kids Camp as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore.  God meticulously orchestrates the daily lesson with the precise scripture verse and I sit back and am amazed at our Great God!  Supplying funds for different functions or providing suppliers to generously reduce their fees by 50%, these are the things I see happen at camp every year.  Children's lives being impacted in such miraculous ways, such as, a young man who came from a broken home, his father a gang member, and his grandmother asked if she could bring him to camp (he was going into 9th grade which was older than the age allowance).  His first day of camp I was quite skeptical, he stood away from the group, arms crossed, a city child not used to the ways of a small town day camp and all the fun and craziness we enjoy of being a child.  His caring C.I.T. director encouraged him but did not push, by day 3 he was beginning to interact with the group, participate in verses and by day 4 he was singing the praises of our Lord!  This young man asked if he could come back for week 2, which he did, and proceeded in future years to become an excellent counselor.  He today is working, going to college and has set goals for himself and most importantly has a relationship with Jesus that will last a lifetime!  Here's a counselor testimonial that shows the impact camp is having on a life:

I am a counselor at this amazing camp and there is nothing but great things to learn. The kids are all fun to watch grow in the love of the Lord and Bev and Austin have truly created something special. I could not ask for a better experience to help lead kids in the walk of the Lord. I have been going to this camp since second grade and I am now a junior. The fun, as well as the biblical learning experience keeps me coming back every year. And I shall return every year that the Dear Lord allows.
— Kylee Hayes

Bear Valley Kids Camp has scheduled 3 weeks this summer and you won't want to miss it!  This year we are partnering with Operation Christmas Child and will be collecting, assembling, & sending gift boxes to children from other nations.  We NEED your help, we need funds, we need toys, hygiene items, school supplies, whatever a child might want that can fit in a shoebox we NEED IT!  Go on our website and register your child, browse around and see how you can make a difference in a child's life by praying, helping, serving, or giving.  Jesus's love needs to be shared with the children in this community, I pray you will feel the call and become a part of our summer!