Help Our Youth Earn Their Way to Camp!

A great opportunity that our kids have had over the years here at First Baptist Church is the chance to get to earn a portion of their camp tuition.  Hard work builds character and instills a sense of ownership in what ever it is that is being accomplished.  When a teenager gets a chance to go to summer camp it is a big deal!  Summer camp provides a chance for the youth of our community to get off the mountain and engage with other churches from all over the map all for the same purpose:  Fun and time with God!  

A week in fellowship with other teenagers who also believe in God and want to establish a life following God is invaluable.  With rising costs of food, utilities, housing, insurance etc. camps in general have had to raise their tuition costs across the board.  The increase in costs, have really made it hard for families to send their kids to a week of camp.  This year the cost of Hume San Diego High School Camp is $490.00 to send one child.  Fortunately, our church has been able to offer ways to supplement this cost a little bit. 

One of the best ways for the youth going to camp to earn some money is to earn some of it outside of church.  The ability for these kids to raise some of their own money builds pride and ownership in them towards the camp itself.  It actually allows them to appreciate the camp and its cost in a way that is deeper than if their family simply covers the cost.  If they are unable to earn some money on the side, for example: Yard-work, washing the family car, babysitting to name a couple of ideas, than they can participate in many of the fundraising events hosted by our church.


$1.00 Taco Night at Sonora Cantina – Monday, May 4th

Tonight is the Sonora Cantina $1.00 Taco Night, which is hosted by Sonora Cantina, for the youth of First Baptist Church!  The youth group middle school and high school will be working all day at Sonora seating, and serving anyone who comes in today!  This event will be at Sonora Cantina until 8:00pm. And all the proceeds from the taco sales will go towards the camp tuition for these kids.   


Dessert Auction – Sunday, May 17th

Another great way to support our youth family is to come to the Dessert Auction on May 17th at 12:00.  This event is such a great way to enjoy time with one another after the second church service.  There will be a hotdog lunch for sale for $1.50, which includes a drink and chips.  Also, there will be over 50 desserts that will be auctioned off to earn money towards the camps.  This event will be managed by the youth of First Baptist Church and your support would benefit them beyond measure.  Anyone is welcome to attend this dessert auction.  Please invite your friends and family.  If you would like to bring a dessert to auction off, (please know that the plate will need to be included with dessert) Contact our office for more information.  909-866-3951

Rummage Sale – May 22-23

Everyone loves a great rummage sale right?  Some of you may have attended our Annual Rummage Sale here on the campus of First Baptist Church.  The event is being hosted by the youth of this church.  They start setting up for this sale on Wednesday and Thursdays after school and stay all day on Friday and Saturday for the sale.  Donations for this sale are greatly encouraged and can be dropped off at our church on Monday, May 18th! plan to make First Baptist Church the first stop on your list of yard sailing musts on May 22nd and 23rd.


We can’t begin to tell you the wonderful opportunity the kids have at summer camp.  The foundation they build with Christ and the closeness they experience with God as they devote an entire week of undivided attention towards Him is irreplaceable.  Earning a little money to help offset the cost is just a part of the experience, but it to is valuable in teaching them that something important is worth working for.  Thank you for supporting our youth family by attending these fundraising events. 

Please feel free to call our office for more information on these opportunities or if you have ideas for future opportunities for next summer.