Growing in Discipleship Classes This Summer

“If you continue in my Word,
then you are truly disciples of mine” 
-John 8:31

Have you ever felt awkward or embarrassed about how to share your faith, didn’t know what to say to a hurting friend, been distant with a relative or one of your grown kids, felt stuck in anger or unforgiveness, or had “one of those days” with your children? You are not alone. 

One of these classes may be your answer to prayer!

Discussion and skills training will focus on these topics as we learn to more fully live by God’s guidance in our families, church congregations, and as disciples for Christ to all we meet.  The free Bible based classes will teach about applying relevant skills for our everyday Christian walk through life’s challenges as well as how to more confidently witness for Christ.


FROM 6:30 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M.
(41960 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake, Ca 92315)


July 7th  -  (6:30-8pm)  -  Sharing Your Faith with Others

How to share effective testimonies; assessing your faith’s strengths; knowing, believing and trusting God; how to initiate conversations about beliefs: overcoming fear or rejection; God’s equipping and empowerment; Holy Spirit’s agenda through you.


July 14  -  (6:30-8pm)  -  Active Listening and Response

Communication techniques used in peer counseling,  feed back; confirmation without  judgment, showing compassion; identifying prayer needs; initiating faith conversations, referral to pastor or other local resources.


July 21  -  (6:30-8pm)  -  Releasing Tough Issues To God

Healing prayer; God’s promises; receiving and giving forgiveness; recognizing old lies in strongholds and how they manifest; receiving grace; trusting God; making commitments of release to God.


July 28  -  (6:30-8pm)  -  Praying Meaningfully With Others

Boldly go into God’s presence; make your requests known, don’t edit, just pour out; confession and repentance; tapping into God’s power; God’s will and timing; listening for and asking for specific prayer needs; Holy Spirit as leader in prayer; praying in gratitude.


August 4  -  (6:30-8pm)  -  Improving Adult Parent-Child Relationships

Communication, active listening, I messages, boundaries, who’s responsible; stuck places; understanding anger; giving and receiving forgiveness, releasing your kids or parents to God’s control and plans; scripture guidance for loving relationships. 


August 11  -  (6:30-8pm)  -  Christian Parenting (Toddlers to Teens)

Jeff Tunnell will choose his content touching on God’s scriptural guidance in equipping you as a parent; loving and disciplining your children; Godly relationships within the family; local resources for parent support and                                   education.     


Class Outcomes: People attending the classes will:

  • Learn specific scriptural references related to each lesson taught.

  • Participate in open discussion of life experiences related to the topic.

  • Receive basic skills training for use when dealing with similar situations.

  • Hear testimony from others about how God has worked in their lives in specific areas.

  • Participate in small group sharing and practice of successful skills and techniques for applying what is learned.

  • Receive information on resources for Bible referencing, Christian authors, specific books, and applicable Bible Studies based on each session.


Most of the classes will be taught by Judi Hunter, interdenominational Pastor and Bible Study leader. Parenting will be taught by Jeff Tunnell, Pastor (formerly at Big Bear Christian Center) and Mom and Dad’s Project Community Educator.


To pre-register for a class, please call the church office at 909-866-3951, or Judi Hunter at 909-866-5027 for more details.