My New Normal

I had my follow up appointment with my Radiologist on Tuesday and it went really well. He was very pleased with the condition of my skin from the radiation. He let me know he was going to be staying on my case for the next few years and went ahead and ordered my next mammogram for July. We need to give my body time to heal before smashing it again, lol.

I then met my new oncologist. This was a bit of an adjustment but I think it is going to work out. After hand picking my oncologist and building a really good repore with her she had decided to leave the practice at Eisenhower, which was very shocking and unexpected. Change - ugh!  My new oncologist is very sweet. He seems very caring and actually had a positive outlook on my care. He put me on Tamoxifen for the next 10 years. This drug with block the estrogen and progesterone that my body is producing from feeding any stray cancer cells in my body. This drug will throw me right in to menopause (yippee). He seems to feel I shouldn't have any drastic side effects from the drug - but that's what they all say. :)

I came home from my appointments with a different outlook on my life. When I was finished with radiation I was feeling like my life was going to now return to normal and that this whole "cancer' thing was going to be behind me. Tuesday I realized this isn't going to be the case. Having cancer and living with the aftermath of cancer will be with me for at least 5-10 years and I am having to accept that as my new normal. I will be seeing various doctors for many years to come. I have a "team" of doctors that meet and discuss my case and those will be the doctors I will be seeing. I thought I would only see my Oncologist but the Radiologist and Surgeon will be just as involved. In fact the Radiologist said that most likely the Surgeon will be the one that "oversees" my case no the Oncologist.

Through all of this, God has been good! I still have that "peace that surpasses all understanding" which is such an incredible blessing. I can't imagine going through any of this without my relationship with the Lord - how lonely and depressing that would be.  I also can't imagine going through this without all the love and support I have received from family and friends. Matt and I are still overwhelmed at all the outpouring of love and prayers - very humbling.

So now it's back to life and my new normal.  As always, I cherish your prayers and friendships.

We Are All The Same

I have an old friend from high school.  Her dad was the pastor of our church growing up, and we had 4 years of youth group together.  We got married at about the same time and had our first kids at the same time.  We spent long afternoons in the hot sun of down-the-hill, watching our oldest sons play in the kiddie pool, trick-or-treating at the local shopping center, dreaming about life.  We spent almost every day together. And then I got divorced, and she got divorced, and she moved away.