(Jesus said) Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
— Matthew 11:29

To know this truth is to experience the redemption, restoration, and rest that exists through Jesus and also to live in the liberating freedom of being in right standing before God. We hunger for people to experience this life in Jesus so we strive to encourage, equip, and empower them in their lifelong journey in Christ. And as they follow Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, instill in them...

...a great big fat sense of I can do this!


We yearn to presence Jesus in our lives, homes, and community and our vision is...

“Seeing the Big Bear Valley Loving Jesus."

But before people can love Him, they need to see Him. The Church is given to the world as the reflection and fingerprints of Jesus. This truth prompts our mission…we walk as...

“One Family, Developing People, to Reflect Jesus.”


To accomplish our mission and realize our vision, clearly defined outcomes must be visible and attainable, yet simple.  The following are the three benchmarks that measure all aspects of this church family’s pursuit of and progress towards our mission and vision:

  1. People who develop a deeper, personal sense of who God is through the redemptive, restorative work of Christ in their lives

  2. People who are healthier because of Christ-centered relationships and experiences through our church family

  3. People who are uniquely and confidently called, gifted, equipped, and mobilized for the work of the ministry


You may have noticed the above emphasis on people. That’s because a life in Christ is built squarely on relationships. As such, the leadership of our church family is deeply committed to championing people, not activities!

In order to champion people into the above desired outcomes, it’s important to foster an environment that breathes life and possibility into people as they pursue them. The following are values inherent in our church DNA that stand as the foundations for our church culture:

  1. Word of God
    Jesus is our Master and the Author of our Salvation. The enduring truth of the Bible is both His message and our foundation.


  2. Family
    We champion a three-tiered approach to “family”. First, we are united through Jesus into the adoptive faith family of God. Second, we promote renewal and restoration of individual families as found only in Christ. Third, we must also pass on a legacy of the reality and necessity of Christ for those who come after us.


  3. Growth
    As individuals, we spur one another on to a persistent life of learning, development, and Christ-centered progress. As a church family, we must recognize changing paradigms, adopt what’s effective, and release what’s outdated as we continually strive to reflect Jesus in an ever-changing world.


  4. Service
    We’re committed to looking outside of ourselves by caring for, challenging and sharpening one another. We also strive to care for those in our community who may not be able to care for themselves with an ultimate desire to impact our world.


  5. Reach
    Walking rooted in Christ-centered integrity, respect, and truth will foster a culture of transparency, authenticity, and humility that our greater community deeply needs. That combined with launching people out into the community to fulfill God-given purposes will increase the presence and credibility of Jesus and expand His kingdom.