Daniel & Shelly Young in La Paz, Mexico

Daniel & Shelly Young minister in Mexico with youth and children in the La Paz area. They organize camps, retreats, and children’s programs, and do marriage counseling. They also hold monthly meetings for teens who come from up to as many as 20 churches. The focus is to challenge and encourage these youth to go into missions either in their own community or abroad. They also help with an orphanage in La Paz by training staff, and advising and working on needed projects.  Daniel and Shelly have five children, two are still at home.

Nathan & Laura Montgomery at UCLA

Nathan & Laura Montgomery work in Southern California ministering to both Jews and Gentiles. On the UCLA Campus Nathan encounters students from all countries and religions. They are involved with a synagogue in their neighborhood and have been able to share about Jeshua with the Jewish people they come in contact with through the synagogue, mall kiosks, events etc. They have four children.

Meno & Anat Kalisher in Jerusalem, Israel

Meno & Anat Kalisher pastor a church in Jerusalem,” The Jerusalem Assembly” that has a congregation of 300 people. His messages during the service are translated in about 5-6 different languages. They have ministries that help with new immigrants finding places to live, and get jobs, etc. Outreach, Bible Studies, Youth and Children Programs are an important part. They have also started a Sudanese church in Tel Aviv.

Mike Haskins in San Diego, CA

Mike Haskins works with New Vision Urban Missions, ministering to the homeless in downtown San Diego. This is one of the largest homeless areas in the US. Mike organizes youth group teams from many churches to spend week-ends learning how to reach out to the needy and help meet their spiritual and physical needs. Each person is given a care bag.  The spiritual growth of the students involved is just as important as meeting the needs of the homeless. Mike and his wife have one child.

Mike & Cathy Constance with Campus Crusade

Mike & Cathy Constance are with Campus Crusade ministering world-wide.  Mike works with church planting, sets up evangelistic campaigns and pastor’s conferences and organizes short-term ministry teams around the world.  Cathy has a heart for women in Middle-east countries and their need for Christ.  The Lord has enabled her to work with the underground church in amazing ways.  She has been invited back to the Middle-east this next year to again reach out to Muslim women. Here in the US she teaches Bible Studies on discipleship, evangelism, and mission outreach.  Their daughter Tali has gone back to Sri Lanka and started a ministry called “Chosen Instruments” that reaches out to women trapped in terrorism and trained as female suicide bombers.

Waldemar & Anna Bolkowski in Poland & Russia

Waldemar and Anna Bolkowski work with the Jewish people in Poland and Russia. Anna  travels to Russia on a regular basis holding Bible Studies in various homes, many of the people she ministers to have been victims of the Holocaust. Waldemar speaks in various churches, and leads home Bible Studies throughout Poland. He has organized an annual conference “Holiday with the Bible” where both believers and non believers attend from Poland and Western Russia. His goal is to establish a Baptist Church in Rybink, Poland. They have 4 children.

Doris Bjorkman in Papua, New Guinea

Doris Bjorkman ministered in Papua, New Guinea with the Kunimaipas people for 42 years.  She worked with the translators and taught the people how to read God’s Word in their own language and bringing them to know Jesus as their Savior.  She also worked on a Kunimaipa dictionary after coming to the states.  She now has retired here in Big Bear and is a faithful member of First Baptist Church.